1. Residence Requirement: due to limited fund availability, individuals being served with Delaware County Workforce Investment funds must be Delaware County residents.  Individuals not meeting the residence requirement will be referred to the Local Workforce Investment Area in the county and/or state where they reside.

  2. Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Eligibility:  Social Security Number, Birth Date, Citizenship or Eligible to Work in the United States, Selective Service Registrant (if applicable), High School Diploma or GED and Delaware County resident is required for general eligibility.  In addition:

    • Adult Funding eligibility may be determined for unemployed individuals with a family income at or below the TANF 235% Income Guidelines.

    • Priority shall be given to applicants meeting the economic eligibility and one or more documented barriers to employment.

    • A Priority of Service will be enforced in the event Adult Funds become 75% obligated during the program year.

    • Veterans and their spouses shall be given priority over non-veterans.

    • Dislocated Worker Funding eligibility may be determined for individuals who have been terminated or laid off, or have received a notice of termination or layoff from employment and are eligible for or have exhausted unemployment compensation benefits.

    • Veterans and their spouses shall be given priority over non-veterans.

  3. Any applicant who has already committed to the tuition and/or enrolled in training prior to being approved for training by the PACareerLink® Peer Review Committee will not be eligible for funding.

  4. College degrees are not funded nor are on-line courses, on-line certificate programs or on-line degrees.

  5. Individual Training Accounts are specifically for those who are unable to attain or retain unsubsidized employment as they progress through the following documented PACareerLink® and WIA services/activities:

    • Orientation; within six months of application date

    • Intensive job search; minimum of four weeks (with documentation)

    • Career Assessment and Counseling Meetings

    • Job Search Employability Workshops; determined by assessment specialist

    • Begin your Individual Employment Plan

    • TABE Survey Test; need a minimum of eighth grade reading and math levels

    • WIA Eligibility Determination

    • Visit three Schools and complete Individual Funding Request Form (IFR)

    • Return IFR to Career Consultant within 30 days of receipt

  6. A PACareerLink® Peer Review Committee reviews all applications for Individual Training Accounts for final approval.  Consideration for funding is based on a point system. All plus (+) points and minus points are calculated to arrive at the total points scored. A minimum of ten points is required for approval. Points may be scored on the following criteria:

    1. Employment Related Activities

    2. Economic Need

    3. Suitability

    4. Assessment

  7. Course selection must be oriented to the obtainment of full-time, unsubsidized, permanent employment in a Delaware County High Priority Occupation (see Delaware County High Priority Occupation List). The course selection must appear on the Statewide List of Eligible Training Programs/Providers for the program year in which your training will start. The list can be viewed on the PA CareerLink website

  8. The maximum amount payable by the Delaware County Office of Workforce Development (DCOWD) on your behalf will not exceed $3,000.00 or the actual cost of tuition whichever is less. This is a once in a lifetime award

  9. Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) and receipt of your Student Aid Report (ISAR) is mandatory (if the program qualifies). Pell, PHEAA and other related grants, including funds provided by your former employer, must be exhausted prior to any payment made by DCOWD. Applications for Student Aid can be obtained through the training provider, Delaware County PA CareerLink Offices and the Free Application for Student Aid website Failure to comply with the Student Aid application process will jeopardize the payment of DCOWD funds on your behalf.

  10. Your signature on the ITA and the DCOWD Customer Responsibilities Form attests to the fact that you guarantee compliance as stated on named forms throughout the period determined by federal regulations regarding WIA performance. You are required to submit employment information to your PACareerLink® Consultant within two weeks of obtaining employment.

  11. The Delaware County Workforce Development Board (DCWDB) has the primary responsibility for the development and oversight of the Individual Training Account policy. The policy may be revised by the DCWDB as necessitated by federal and/or state regulation, regional oversight, or local recommendation.