The Delaware County Workforce Development Board seeks proposals from high-performing organizations to offer workforce development and consulting services to prepare Delaware County residents for post-COVID 19 employment.

Proposals are requested for:


  1. Out-of-School Youth programming to prepare 16-24 old young adults with the occupational and work-readiness skills to succeed in the workplace. Successful providers may offer pre-apprenticeship program, programs for systems-involved young adults, or occupational skills training in high demand fields.

  2. Out-of-School Youth Pre-Apprenticeship programming to prepare 18-24 year old young adults for successful entry into apprenticeship programs.

  3. Financial Literacy for Out-of-School Youth providers will collaborate with multiple program providers to build the financial skills young adults need to build successful financial futures.

  4. Leadership Development for Out-of-School Youth provider will collaborate with multiple program providers to implement innovative leadership development program for young adults.

  5. In-School Youth providers to work with low-income schools to offer career awareness programming.

  6. One Stop Operator will work with the DCWDB and two Delaware County CareerLinks® to ensure high quality career services are available to all job seekers and employers in Delaware County.

  7. A regional study of the impact of COVID 19 on disconnect young adults will assess the magnitude of impact and will recommend strategies to reconnect young adults to education or workforce.

  8. NEW Video Production-job seeker will produce promotional video to raise awareness of workforce development services among Delaware County job seekers.

  9. NEW Video Production-employer will produce promotional video to raise awareness of workforce development services among Delaware County employers.


All proposals must use these budget templates.

PowerPoint from Bidders Conference 3/23/21

Recording of Bidders Conference 3/23/21



Q: During the bidders’ conference it was stated that the budget for this work of the One Stop Operator  is $30,000.  Is that an annual budget or is it for the program period of July 1, 2021-June 30, 2023?

A: The One Stop Operator budget is $30,000 per year.

Q: We would like to fill in the 2021 RFP budget template. We see the one stop operator budget is $30,000 per year. Is there a budget amount for the following programs?


  • Out of school youth programing

  • Out of school youth pre-apprenticeship

  • Financial literacy for out of school youth

  • Leadership development for out of school youth

  • In school youth

  • A regional study of the impact of covid-19


A: Not all Requests for Proposals have specific funding limits. Each RFP outlines the funding limit, if it exists, and that all funds are contingent upon State and Federal funding allocations to the Delaware County Workforce Development Board.

Q: How often should the students meet?

A: The applicant must design the program.

Q: Is the duration of the program from July 2021 through June 2023?

A: The contract would be for July 2021-June 2022 with the expectation that it will be extended through Jun 2023, contingent upon success performance and continued funding from state and federal source.

Q: Will the classes take place at one venue or various locations?

A: The applicant must design the program.

Q: For the Out of School Youth Leadership Development programming could the funding be up to $50,000 per year for each provider, or is the $50K a total for the entire county?

A: There will be one grant of $50k for one provider to serve Delaware County.

Q: Is the fiscal plan included in the 10 page narrative limit. Could you clarify the exact page count and if attachments such as CVs are allowed?

A: Page limits for each narrative are for the narrative portion only.


Q:  If any other attachments are allowed, what type of attachments.

A: Attachments that have not been requested will not be reviewed.


Q:Do you have an estimate of how many students could be enrolled in the program?

A: enrollment goals for In-school, Out-of-school, and pre-apprenticeship programs will be proposed by the applicant. Financial Literacy and Leadership Development participants will include all out-of-school program participants.


Q: Is it effectively a train-the-trainer or teacher-like training session for our team? In essence, will your group be working with the actual students, not us?

A: This is a direct service program.


Please send questions to