Training Provider Forms with Instructions

Please review the Individual Training Authorization (ITA) for accuracy. Sign, date and submit the original ITA as soon as possible to the attention of:

Karen Hofmann, Program Manager
Delaware County Workforce Development Board
1570 Garrett Road, Suite A
Upper Darby, PA 19082

After the participant/student has completed 10 days of training, please complete the WDB Tuition Reimbursement Invoice form and the Training Attendance form. Both forms are below for your convenience. Also, if applicable please attach the Student Aid Report (SAR) to the invoice form. All forms can now be electronically submitted, faxed or returned by mail to Carol Shields at the above stated address.

All subsequent Training Attendance forms should also be sent directly to Karen Hofmann. You may send electronically, fax or by mail.  Please make copies for your records and additional copies as needed.


Please be advised that under no circumstances should a customer/student be enrolled in any training program prior to approval from OWD. Any deviation from this procedure may impede payment of any invoices.

The maximum amount payable for training is $5,000, including tuition and all other training related costs. PELL grants or other financial aid can be credited to the customer/student for costs above $5,000. If the total costs are less than $5,000, then all Pell grants and other financial aid will be credited to OWD.

Please submit the Participant Outcome Form within 30 days of the completion of training to the Career Consultant listed at the bottom of the form by mail, fax or forward electronically.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.